Summer Cyclone Wire Necklace
copyright 2015
Dottie Hoeschen
all rights reserved
Crocheted Wire Bracelet
Wire and Bead Ring
   Take a few feet of wire, twist it with skill and imagination, and you have a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Add tools like a jig, saws, coiling devices and a whole new world of possibilities opens up!
The use of wire goes back to ancient times as seen in Egyptian jewelry and Chinese cloisonne'. The metal would be pounded into thin sheets and then cut into narrow strips to be used as wire.
Drawn wire began in France, during the time of knights and armor, then was brought to England to make chain mail.  And during the 18th century "tinkers" (as they were called) were making all kinds of everyday objects out of wire.
And in the 1800s wire jewelry became fashioable (bohemian gypsies were creating popular decorative jewelry) and has remained so ever since.