Little Fans Macrame Necklace
Victorian Macrame Bracelet
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Easy Macrame Earrings
   The Art of Fine Knotting, what we call macrame', is an old one    first mentioned by 13th century Arabs and called "miqrama". It was popular among sailors who spread it wherever they went and who were the first prolific fiber artists! Their work was both decorative and functional, and they had plenty of time to perfect their art on those long voyages.
  Fine knotting was all the rage in Victorian England, when every proper young lady was expected to know the craft. With it she would decorate the linens, scarves, curtains, and clothing in her all important trousseau.
The resurgence of macrame' in the 1960s opened up possibilities with new materials, though the knots used are no different from those used in antiquity.