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Dottie Hoeschen was born in Chattanooga, TN, but grew up in Marietta, GA.  Marietta was at this time a rural community and it was while playing in those woods near home that she grew to love the organic shapes and patterns that now figure predominantly in her work.

She received her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from Georgia State University with a major in painting.  After graduation she worked independently in a variety of media (primarily oils and watercolors) and exhibited extensively through the '80s and '90s, showing a strong affinity for landscape, though still life and some portraiture also figured into her subject matter.  Her paintings made their way into the collections of Walt Disney World, Coca Cola Company, Cape May County Cultural Heritage Commission, and the Banks Haley Gallery, as well as many private collectors.

The birth of two sons called for a change in tactics (she could no longer have long uninterrupted stretches of time in which to work) and eventually a change in media.  About nine years ago Dottie began to make small pictorial pins as a way to express her creative side without needing to have those large "blocks" of  time.  She began to add a few beads dangling from the pins to add interest and movement, and was surprised to find that, gradually, what could be done with the beads became more interesting than what could be done with the pins themselves!

An exploration of bead weaving began in earnest about ten years ago and she began teaching classes and has had articles featuring her work in Bead&Button Magazine, Step by Step Beads, and Bead World. She has also been included in several books and is a frequent contributer to Bead-Patterns; the Magazine.

She created all manner of components in polymer clay for others to use in their jewelry and crafts. Beads, faces for jewelry and art dolls, pendants, leaves and more are all handmade from start to finish.

But, Dottie has always been a painter at heart, and in 2011 she decided to devote time to "plein air" painting: painting in the open air. With plein air the work must be started and finished within a time frame of about 2-3 hours (because of the speed with which light changes). Works done en plein air are generally smaller than studio works, completed much faster, and noted for their freshness and immediacy.

This way of working has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and during 2011 she spent time painting en plein air and exploring the rich landscape and history of Bucks County. She also took the opportunity to visit and paint in Alaska's spectacular country.

Plans for 2016 are for more plein air painting, a return to the studio for the creation of larger works, and more competitions at plein air festivals. Current fine art works can be seen on her fine art website at

Dottie now lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Harold.

She can be reached at:

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Dottie Hoeschen
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